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The Zegna Wool Mill, founded in 1910, has been the backbone of the company’s success, and is renowned internationally for the world’s finest textiles.  Leading this success in textiles have been four generations of the Zegna family, continually pursuing innovation by carefully balancing science with nature and craftsmanship with technology.

The complete production process – from raw material selection to finishing – is carried out by Ermenegildo Zegna.  Commitment to quality, and the use of modern technology to reinforce artisan craftsmanship, is the living tradition linking past, present, and future.

Over the last hundred years, the company has pioneered sophisticated men’s fabrics to become lighter, softer, more refined, and with an improved performance and functionality.  Consequently, new fabric standards have been set, and new construction methods have emerged in the luxury men’s tailoring and casual industries.

The importance of selecting the best natural fibres directly from the markets of origin has been the cornerstone of Zegna’s pre-eminence in the luxury fabric market.  Ensuring a positive and fair relationship with these communities, regions, and countries was essential for the success and for the constant improvement of fibres.

Today, Zegna is world renown for being one of the most important buyers of the best natural fibres.