Scabal’s heritage English mill located in Huddersfield, the home of traditional English cloth making, has existed since the 16th century. A large majority of Scabal's collections are still woven here. As with many Yorkshire mills, the area’s soft water gives the cloths a recognizable fine finish.

At Scabal they weave 80 years of passion directly into their collections, thier teams of dedicated designers and master weavers work tirelessly to ensure that Scabal stays at the cutting edge of innovation, while staying true to it's heritage.

Scabal always seeks to innovate. This is why the company was the first to create the bunch book and pioneered the fine fabrics that broke the Super 100’s, 120’s, 150’s and 180’s barriers. In its use of superfine wool from heritage family farms, Scabal is leading fabric innovation by combining traditional techniques and materials with modern technology for future generations to enjoy.




Spring/Summer 2018

As seasons, spring and summer bring with them all manner of pairings, both traditional and unexpected. Scabal’s new-season showings are no different. Whether it’s mixing mohair and wool with a Caribbean twist, redefining denim with world-beating cotton blends, or fashioning cashmere into a summer staple, innovation abounds. In more subtle ways, too: enhancing crease-resistance; increasing breathability; intricate stitching… Elsewhere, new life is breathed into old classics with shifting colour palettes, dashing design details and modish modifications to complete a stand-out season of Scabal creations.