In 1908, not only was Beauchamp & How founded by Walter Beauchamp Sr. and Alfred How, but they also coined the phrase "Tailors' Row". An area of King Street, where there were 45 shops, 20 of them Tailors! Other tailors may have used the term colloquially, but Walter's appropriation of it was an early indication of his business savvy.

Beauchamp & How would go on to establish themselves as both bespoke and military tailors. They would not only serve Toronto's elite from 1908, but they would also go on to acquire the business and clients of a few prominent Toronto tailors.

Beauchamps was able to establish itself as a trusted tailor for many of Canada's Armed Forces, a tradition we are very proud of.  

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In 1969, Walter Beauchamp Jr. would buy the company Beauchamp & How and would rename it Walter Beauchamp Tailors. In 1971, the company would finally move from King Street, Tailors' Row, to 18 Adelaide Street. This is where the third generation of the Beauchamp family, Terry, would start his career.