The history of The House of Dormeuil is interwoven with the constant search for the rare and luxurious. Dominic Dormeuil explores breeding farms around the world each year to select the most precious fibres and produce exceptional fabrics.

The area surrounding Leeds in the United Kingdom, where Dormeuil’s fabric manufacturing premises are located, is the birthplace of the international textile industry. It was here, amongst the lush green valleys irrigated by Pennine water with its unique properties, that the best worsted weavers and the leading experts in fabric finishing set up in business more than a century ago.

Renowned for its exceptional properties, Yorkshire’s water provides a unique advantage when it comes to fabric finishing. All our fabrics combine traditional methods and innovative techniques for a soft finish and impeccable drape.

The fabrics in each collection are created by Dominic Dormeuil and his Design team, before being prototyped at Dormeuil’s premises in Yorkshire, England. The House of Dormeuil designs a new fabric collection twice a year.