In 1881, Antonio Cerruti founded a weaving workshop in Biella – an Italian town renowned for its rich heritage and quality wool and fabric production.  Barely off the ground, the weaving workshops created by the Cerruti brothers were quickly reputed for their quality.  For more than a century, they have remained faithful to this tradition of excellence, seamlessly combining creativity and technology.  Under the guidance of Nino Cerruti, the Piomontaise woolen workshop became a center of research, producing numerous technical advances to create new threads of an incomparable finesse.  These threads include the super 100 (1kilogram for 100 km of thread), now a classic, followed by the 120, 150, 180, and up to 210.

From these roots, the Cerruti name has expanded from luxurious fabric to acclaimed fashion.  Without ever losing sight of their core values, Lanificio Cerruti has stayed true in emphasizing quality, style, craftsmanship, and technology.