"Walter Beauchamp Tailors made the first suit my father bought for me in 1974. Gian-Paolo is continuing the extraordinary legacy of the three Beauchamp generations with the fine quality cloth in a uniquely personal environment, and the ultimate service."

Andrew E. Wright, Executive Vice President, CBRE

“I have had the pleasure of working with Gian-Paolo on a number of items over the last couple of years, and have been impressed by the quality of the clothes, and the bespoke service.  He provides a terrific customer experience.”

John MacIntyre, Partner, Birch Hill Equity

"I have a Beauchamp dinner-jacket that was made for me in 1973 and a lounge-suit from 19(I think)86 - $600, I think, in those days - that I can still wear, and that are not out of fashion because they were never in fashion. Because good tailoring isn't about fashion. Amortise the cost over those years, and Beauchamp suits are WAY cheaper than some big-named mass producer's whose clothes are designed to be worn for a year or two until the next fad strikes, and then discarded. Beauchamp isn't about fashion. Beauchamp is about fineness of cloth and quality of tailoring, about your comfort and your desires about your own appearance. Beauchamp is about shape and texture and line. Yes, it looks expensive. But if you can find the cash NOW, the decision to spend it this way will still be rewarding you in forty years.
No, Walter Beauchamp isn't paying me to write this. I'm just a major fan who's been wearing Beauchamp suits since he was nineteen, and doesn't intend to stop doing so."

Thomas Gough

"I have been a customer of GP's for over 8 years and have purchased numerous suits, shirts and tie. GP made my tuxedo for my wedding, provided suits for the groomsmen, business suits, and formal outing suits. There are plenty of options for suits and tuxedos in the city or oversees online, but I continue to come back because I don't leave until my suit, tux or shirt fits perfectly and can affirmative state the quality is there."

Noah Buchman

"Excellent service and advice for tailored business attire and formal wear. Outstanding selection and can do anything you ask regarding suits, jackets, pants, shirts and accessories. And no one provides better service!"

David Sculthorpe

"I will never go anywhere else to buy a suit. The craftsmanship and attention to detail is second to none. Amazing selection and very knowledgeable, Walter Beauchamp is the best."

Roddy Smith

"From the day I walked into Adelaide Street, 30 years ago, we've been through a lot together. We've shared graduations and new beginnings, job changes and fresh challenges, weddings and funerals, frustrations and anxieties, weight gains and losses, and so much more. There simply aren't many people who have that kind of viewpoint into another person's life; in proximity and unique lens on what's going on with me and so many others. It must be fascinating! Of course, none of it would happen without your personal charm, empathy, friendship, insight, kindness, support, and wisdom in matters sartorial and otherwise. For all that I am personally grateful; it's been quite a ride together."

Martin Guest